Sunday, January 23, 2011

I want to...

    I've had trouble sleeping the past few years and last night was retarded. I'm sure you have experienced the same mad rush of thoughts that come crashing like an avalanche through your head right at the point when you would give anything to sleep.

I try not to keep track of those thoughts, but God does...

    and he told me so last night.

I was mulling over a secret and costly ambition when I received a text message from a precious and ridiculously prophetic friend of mine (which, by the way, being prophetic won't ever help anybody if you won't open your mouth. That's my southern sass for the moment)

   Anyways, one line of the text stunned me. I was wondering
"How on earth can anyone know what I was thinking about at that exact time?!!!!"
Then I sheepishly acknowledged that Holy Spirit will tell you nearly anything if you ask Him nicely.
The text said.... well..... I just realized I deleted all my texts today. How embarrassing. Ha!

 Moving along. In the text my friend was encouraging me in my gifting of helping others realize and go after their dreams and he said to me "and DON'T YOU LET GO OF YOUR DREAMS EITHER!"

   I was shocked. After being married a little while and having a daughter and making sure my husband could reach his full potential no matter the cost.... I HAD let go of my dreams. I began to believe it was my role, my portion, to relinquish my passions for the sake of using that energy to serve others.

Wow. That's dumb.

Why? Cause' it means I was relying on my own strength. You guys gotta hang on cause the more I write the more things make sense. I'm having a moment right now.

Okay. So here it is.

I want to...

 Buy a few of these

Find a lot of these

Go to a lot of these

Discreetly provide young undecided women with the opportunity to see this....


                                                                          and this:)


                                                               and that is just the beginning...

                                                                      If you know me
                                                               then you know I am serious
                                                         and you know I am overwhelmed.
                                                                   I want your prayers.
                                                                *May the world sing again.*


  1. Ashley.....this is amazing and I know you will!!!

  2. wow. those last pictures made me cry.

    i dont know you, but i know you are serious. as are many people who are pro life. sadly i dont see it as a black and white situation, but respect your views.

    id be interested in more of your thoughts. glad to have stumbled across your blog, going to back read a bit and pop back :)